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If you’re ever short on cash, you might want to check out Cash Store Tidwell. It’s a place where you can get some quick cash when you really need it. Whether you need to pay off a bill, cover your car repair costs, or just make ends meet until your next paycheck arrives, Cash Store Tidwell can help. They offer a variety of loan options to fit your needs, and they’ve been helping people for years. So if you’re in a bind and need cash fast, this might be just the place for you!

Cash Store Tidwell: Your One-Stop Cash Solution in Houston

Are you in need of quick cash assistance in Houston? The Cash Store at Tidwell is just a few blocks away from you. You can trust us for quick and effective solutions to your financial needs. Here’s everything you need to know before coming to us for help.

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Who We Are

The Cash Store Tidwell is a reliable short-term loan provider licensed by the state of Texas. We offer a wide range of financial services to help people who are in urgent need of money.

What We Do

We provide various types of loans: installment loans, cash advances, and title loans. Each type of loan would suit your needs in different ways, depending on the amount of money you need and your repayment capacity. We also offer pre-paid debit cards, check cashing services, and wire transfers.

Why Choose Us

– Easy application process: Our application process is straightforward and simple. It only takes a few minutes to complete the online application, and you’ll get a decision within minutes.

– Fast funding: Once your application is approved, you’ll get your funds within a matter of minutes. No waiting in long lines or dealing with complicated procedures.

– No credit check: Unlike other financial institutions, we don’t rely on your credit history. We’ll approve your application based on your current income and your ability to repay the loan.

How to Apply

Just visit our store or apply online! In-store applications are processed in a matter of minutes and online applications are equally fast. All you need is a government-issued ID, a paystub or proof of income, and a checking account.

Loan Repayment Options

Our installment loans come with flexible payment options and are due on the customer’s payday. For cash advances, the due date will range from 12 to 26 days from the date the loan is disbursed. For title loans, payment will be due within 30 days or according to the agreed-upon terms.

What to Consider Before Taking a Loan

Before taking a loan, it is essential to evaluate your financial situation carefully. You need to decide how much money you need, how much you can afford to repay, and when you can repay it. Borrow only what you need, and don’t overextend yourself.

FAQs About Cash Store Tidwell

– What documents do I need to submit for a loan application?

You need to submit a government-issued ID, a paystub or proof of income, and a checking account.

– What if I have bad credit?

It doesn’t matter! We don’t require you to have good credit to apply for a loan.

– Can I pay off my loan earlier than the due date?

Of course! We encourage you to pay off your loan as soon as possible to avoid additional fees and interest rates.


The Cash Store Tidwell is your one-stop cash solution in Houston. We provide fast, easy, and reliable services that cater to your financial needs. Whether you need a cash advance, an installment loan, or a title loan, we’ve got you covered. Contact us today to get started on your journey towards financial freedom.

Why Choose the Cash Store Tidwell?

When in need of a quick loan, finding a reliable lender can be quite a daunting task. The Cash Store Tidwell has become the go-to solution for individuals seeking urgent financial assistance. Here are ten reasons why the Cash Store Tidwell is the best option for anyone searching for a lender.

1. Fast and Convenient Loans

One of the most significant advantages of obtaining a loan from the Cash Store Tidwell is the fast and straightforward procedure. Within a short time, applicants can receive their cash, and with a simple application process, getting a loan has never been easier.

Fast and Convenient Loans

2. Flexible Payment Options

At the Cash Store Tidwell, borrowers have a wide range of payment options to choose from. These options make it easy for borrowers to choose the most suitable repayment plan, eliminating undue burden during the repayment process.

Flexible Payment Options

3. Professional and Friendly Staff

The Cash Store Tidwell is renowned for its team of highly professional and friendly staff. They take pride in offering customers top-notch customer service, helping them through the loan application process and answer any questions they may have.

Professional and Friendly Staff

4. Competitive Interest Rates

The Cash Store Tidwell offers competitive interest rates, making it easy for borrowers to access loans at reasonable rates. The lender understands the importance of providing affordable financing to make it easy for borrowers to repay their loans comfortably.

Competitive Interest Rates

5. Personalized Customer Care

The Cash Store Tidwell takes a personalized approach to customer service, taking into account each borrower’s unique financial situation. They work towards finding solutions that work best for each customer, making it easy for them to obtain financial assistance when they need it.

Personalized Customer Care

6. Confidentiality and Secure Transactions

Borrower confidentiality is a top priority at the Cash Store Tidwell. All transactions are secured and encrypted, ensuring that customers’ sensitive information is kept safe and private during the loan application process.

Confidentiality and Secure Transactions

7. No Hidden Fees

The Cash Store Tidwell pledges to be transparent in all its dealings, thereby eliminating any hidden fees. Borrowers can rest assured that what they see is what they get, with no surprises during the loan application process.

No Hidden Fees

8. Wide Range of Loan Options

With a wide range of loan options available, borrowers can access financing for various purposes, from car repairs to medical emergencies.

Wide Range of Loan Options

9. Approval Rate

One of the Cash Store Tidwell’s most significant advantages is a high approval rate. The lender is willing to work with customers to find a solution that works for all parties involved, increasing the chances of loan approval.

Approval Rate

10. Easy Repayment Process

The Cash Store Tidwell’s easy repayment process ensures that borrowers can repay their loans without any stress. With the lender’s flexible payment options, borrowers can choose a repayment plan that suits their financial situation best.

Easy Repayment Process

The Cash Store Tidwell is here to help those going through a financial rough patch. With fast loan approval, flexible repayment options, and excellent customer service, the Cash Store Tidwell is undoubtedly the best option for those looking to secure a quick loan.

Cash Store on Tidwell: The Financial Solution for Your Emergency Needs

The Cash Store on Tidwell is a dependable financial solution for those who are in dire need of quick cash, especially during emergency situations. Here are five reasons why it’s worth considering:

1. Convenient Location

One of the main advantages of choosing the Cash Store on Tidwell is its location. Situated in the bustling Tidwell Plaza Shopping Center in North Houston, it’s easily accessible whether you’re driving or taking public transportation. You can find the store at 11655 Tidwell Rd, Houston, TX 77044. Just look for the bright yellow and blue signage.

2. Fast and Easy Application Process

At the Cash Store on Tidwell, you can expect a quick and easy loan application process. The friendly and knowledgeable staff will assist you with the initial requirements, such as presenting a valid ID, proof of income, and a working phone number. Once you’ve submitted all the necessary documents, you should receive a response within minutes. This hassle-free process makes it a popular choice for those who need fast cash.

3. Flexible and Affordable Repayment Terms

Another advantage of borrowing from the Cash Store on Tidwell is its flexible and affordable repayment terms. You can choose from a range of payment options depending on your budget and needs. The loans can also be customized to fit your specific income and financial requirements.

4. No Credit Checks Required

At the Cash Store on Tidwell, your credit score won’t affect your chances of getting approved for a loan. The store doesn’t run credit checks and doesn’t require collateral. This feature makes it a viable option for people who have bad credit or no credit history at all.

5. Excellent Customer Service

Lastly, the Cash Store on Tidwell takes pride in its excellent customer service. The staff is always ready to assist you, whether you have questions about the loan application process or need help with repayment options. They aim to provide a pleasant experience for their clients, ensuring that everyone who walks into the store leaves satisfied.

Overall, the Cash Store on Tidwell is a great option for anyone who needs quick and reliable financial assistance. Its convenient location, fast and easy application process, affordable repayment terms, no credit checks, and excellent customer service make it a top choice among borrowers. If you need emergency cash, consider visiting the Cash Store on Tidwell.

Lending AmountRepayment Term
$100 – $3000Up to 180 days

Cash Store on Tidwell

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